T2 Red Termite Resistant Timber Framing

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If you live on mainland Australia then make no mistake – you are living with termites.

T2 Red is guaranteed against termite damage for 25 years. Everything else is replaceable - but without the structure of your home, you've got nothing.

T2 Red is formulated for use North of the Tropic of Capricorn.

If you live South you need T2 Blue.

Whether you call them ‘termites’, 'white ants' or 'borers' - we've got you covered where home insurance doesn't. So don’t get caught paying for costly damage to your home.

Tropic of Capricorn

Big, bad and hungry

Termite species in North Queensland are larger and more aggressive than their southern cousins

Red centre

Out here in the red centre you need a penetrating treatment that protects the timber from the inside out

T2 Red protects your home from the inside out.

Unlike other termite systems such as barriers, meshes and chemical sprays, T2 Red's guarantee requires no annual inspections and little to no maintenance.

Our treatment penetrates the timber fibres, providing long-term protection to your most valuable asset.

Every piece of T2 Red is graded to meet the Australian performance standard.

Unlike other treated framing brands, T2 Red does not require cut ends or planed surfaces to be resealed with termite treatment.

Safe for you and your family

T2 Red's organic formula doesn't use any 'nasties'. In fact, its active ingredients are more commonly used in flea collars and human head lice shampoos.

25 Year Guarantee

Set and forget

For over 132 years Australian homes have been built with Hyne Timber framing. So we know a thing or two about protecting your investment in the long-term. Each year we produce enough T2 Red to span from Townsville to Broome via Darwin.

Family Friendly

Certifiably safe for you, your family, and your pets.

Peace of Mind

Little to no maintenance, and guaranteed for 25 years.

Budget Friendly

For a fraction more upfront, you’ll have total piece of mind.


Sustainably sourced & environmentally friendly.

Do it right.
Ask your builder for T2 Red.